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  • Area: 1,283 square km
  • Population: 926, 000
  • The fourth largest city of Vietnam and the biggest city in South Central Coast
  • The most dramatic urbanization ratio

Da Nang is one of the cultural and educational centers of Vietnam, and it is also one of the biggest cities in Vietnam. Da Nang has a long coast with many beautiful beaches such as Non Nuoc, My Khe,... Coming to Da Nang, you will have opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery such as Ngu Hanh Son, Ba Na, Son Tra peninsula, Hai Van pass, beaches and many historical relics.

Da Nang is one of the cultural and educational centres of Vietnam, and it is also one of the biggest cities in Vietnam.

The city is located along Han River so that the French often called Da Nang as "Tourane". Da Nang has an area of 1.200 km2 and its total population is about 800.000 people. It is not only convenient location but also easily accessible port. Situated on the path of national route 1A and the North-South railway, it is known as a hub for transportation. Da Nang city shares the border with Thua Thien Hue in the North, Quang Nam province in the South and The Eastern Sea. It is far 764 kilometers from Hanoi to the North, 964 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City to the South and 108 kilometers from Hue ancient capital to the North-South.

Da Nang terrain has either coastal or mountains. The high and slope mountain is in the South and North-South, from here, many mountains lasts to the sea. The mountainous terrain accounts for large area with the high of 700-1.500 meters.

Da Nang is situated in the typical tropical monsoon area with the high temperature. Its temperature has combination between the Northern climate and Southern climate. Every year, there has 2 seasons: the rainy season lasts from August to December and the dry season lasts from January to July. The average temperature is about 25,90C and the highest temperature is in June, July, and August at 28-300C. The area of Ba Na has the temperature about 200C. The average rainfall is 2.504,57 mm and the highest rainfall is in October and November

The nature blesses for Da Nang to locate near three world culture heritages: Hue ancient capital, Hoi An old quarter and My Son Holly Land. It not only is the center of three world heritages but also has many famous destinations that tourists cannot forget when visiting the city. Da Nang has Hai Van pass which is well known as "the grandest pass". Besides, it has Son Tra peninsula that is an ideal place for tourists. On the foot of Son Tra, there has Da spring, Bai But, Bai Rang, Bai Bac, Bai Nom… In addition, Ba Ba - Suoi Mo eco-tourism is considered as Da Lat, Sapa of the Central Vietnam, in which Ngu Hanh Son Mountain is known as "the famous destination in Vietnam". Da Nang has a long coast with many beautiful beaches such as Non Nuoc, My Khe, Thanh Kh, Nam O with many sparkling nature. Around Son Tra peninsula, there have coral area which is suitable for develop all kinds of services. Mineral in Da nang includes: white sand, granite, pebbles, clay, mineral water.

Han River and Bridge of Han River-the first bridge in Vietnam-the pride of Vietnamese, are two symbols of Da Nang. Bridge of Han River represents the new life, aspiration of the Da Nang. The beauty of the bridge seems perfect in the space of Han River. This bridge not enhances for transportations, promote the potential economy but also is a cultural mark of the Da Nang. Beaches are the source of inspiration that Da Nang has. They are not only clean but also the most attractiveness beach in Vietnam. The city along Han River- the beautiful city is an ideal destination for tourists in their vacation.

Coming to Da Nang, you will have opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery such as Ngu Hanh Son, Ba Na, Son Tra peninsula, Hai Van pass, beaches and many historical relics. In addition, Da Nang is the best choice for tourists, they can enjoy the wonderful time on the top of mountain, in the forest or the coast, they also enjoy quality services when relax in the resort of Da Nang. Furthermore, tourists can join into festivals of Da Nang such as: Cau Ngu festival, Quan The Am festival, Hoa My village festival, An Hai communal house, Muc dong festival and Tuy Loan village festival.

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Danang Tours

5 Days
DanangHueHoi AnDanang

This trip is all about taking you to the World Heritages Road located in Central Vietnam which covers its most attractive destinations, namely: the Royal Citadel of Hue, the Sanctuary of My Son, and the Ancient Town of...

Tony Jaa
Travel Consultant
5 Days
HueHoi AnDanang

The Central Vietnam is the place that converges the historical monuments, ancient relics, architecture objects and the special culture. Beside that this land also attracts tourists by its stunning nature and friendly...

Huong Le
Travel Consultant
  • Freely lying on the white beaches in Danang as well as join in exciting activities
  • Enjoying meals in resorts
  • Visiting old style houses in Hoi An with special features
  • Peeking into the shops that only can be found in Hoi An and freely buying souvenirs
Experiences :
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Only From $168
  • Time to enjoy the charming My Khe Beach with white smooth sand, cool water, nice wave and fresh air.
  • Knowing about the life of local by seeing the fisherman do their work with net on the sampans.
  • Enjoying the facilities and comfort of the resort on spa or massage.
  • Chance to enjoy your trip by your arrangement.
Experiences :
More Info
Only From $125
  • Enjoying two World Heritage Sites of Vietnam - the Cham sanctuaries and Ancient Hoi An City.
  • Experience with nature, people and the culture of Vietnam.
  • Having more knowledge about Vietnam's History, especially the Cham Kingdom, and the Hoi An history as well as Vietnam's trading in the past.
  • Time to discover new land and new religious by your arrangement.
  • Time to relax with beautiful nature and friendly people in ancient and peaceful cities.
Experiences :
More Info
Only From $185
  • Discover best hictoric sites of the top attractive tourist cities, Hue and Danang
  • Enjoy relaxing time in Marble Mountains & famous My Khe sandy beach
  • Explore the unique architectural style in old houses in Hoi An ancient town
Experiences :
More Info
Only From $395
  • Discovering the hidden treasures in the Central of Vietnam
  • Opportunity to explore Vietnam's World Heritages: Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Ancient Hue City, historical Hoi An City, Cham Tower in My Son
  • Time to relax at one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam
  • Understanding the Vietnamese life during the War by visiting the former Demilitarized Zone
  • Enjoying the nature and cultural life style of local people in the Central of Vietnam
Experiences :
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Only From $443
  • Enjoying rounds in famous and awesome designed golf courses Danang Golf Club and Montgomerie Links Danang.
  • Time to learn about the history and culture of Cham civilization with visit to Cham Museum.
  • Chance to discover the World Heritages in the Central Vietnam Hue Imperial Citadel and ancient Hoi An town.
  • Traveling over the Hai Van Pass with 500m-high and enjoy the stunning views north over Lang Co Beach at the top of this pass.
Experiences :
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Things To See In Danang

Museum of Cham Sculpture Museum of Cham Sculpture
The museum of Cham sculpture is located at No.02, 2/9 Da Nang city. In 1892,...
Luong Spring Eco Tourism Luong Spring Eco Tourism
Luong spring eco tourism is located in the Southern Hai Van Pass, Hoa Hiep Bac...
Han River Bridge Han River Bridge
Da Nang is located on the west side of the Han River and the beaches are to the...
Hai Van Pass Hai Van Pass
Hai Van Pass is located along the Hai Van mountain side, between Thua Thien-Hue...
Ba Na Hills Ba Na Hills
Ba Na - Chua Mountain tourist area belongs to Hoa Vang, Da Nang, it is far...
Marble Mountain (Ngu Hanh Son) Marble Mountain (Ngu Hanh Son)
Marble Mountain belongs to Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son, is far about 7...
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Things To Eat In Danang

Quang Nam's Noodles Quang Nam's Noodles
Quang Nam's noodle (so-called "my Quang" in Vietnamese) is a special type of...
Danang Beo Cake Danang Beo Cake
The Da Nang often uses "banh beo" as snack cake. It is not expensive but has...
Nam O Raw Fish Salad Nam O Raw Fish Salad
It is the famous dish in Da Nang, Nam O raw fish salad is specialty of this...
Jelly-Fish Salad Jelly-Fish Salad
In the summer, tourists will have opportunity to enjoy jelly-fish salad. This...
Chen Shabu Restaurant Chen Shabu Restaurant
CHEN SHABU restaurant is located at the no.29 Pham Hong Thai, Hai Chau, Da...
Phi Lu Restaurant Phi Lu Restaurant
Located in the central entertainment of Da Nang city, tourists can walk along...
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Things To Do In Danang

Overview Danang Festival Overview Danang Festival
The Da Nang as well as tourists comes to Da Nang city very interested in...
Cau Ngu Festival Cau Ngu Festival
Many years ago, whale festival is the biggest festival in Da Nang. Whale not...
Guan Yin Festival Guan Yin Festival
Quan The Am is held annual year in the Ngu Hanh Son resort, Da Nang city. First...
Hoa My Village Festival Hoa My Village Festival
Hoa My was identified on the national map since 1825, now it belongs to Hoa...
An Hai Village Festival An Hai Village Festival
An Hai village belongs to An Hai Tay ward, Son Tra, Da Nang. It was chosen...
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