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Thung Nai, Thung Nai Hoa Binh Vietnam, Thung Nai Travel Guide

Thung Nai belongs to Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province. It is far about 25 kilometers from Hoa Binh and 110 kilometers from Hanoi. The name 'Thung Nai' appeared because this valley has many deers who comes to place. The name 'Thung Nai' no longer appears on the tourist map but it is becoming an exciting destination for those who want to explore the wilderness. Thung Nai has rustic and grandeur beauty, a sparkling scene in the middle of Da River.

As a commune of Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province, Thung Nai is known with Ba Chua Temple, Thac Bo cave, Bo Grotto, Mu village and floating island… This is the place of many village with the mainly people is the Muong. The main vehicle is boat or canoe. People here exchange at Bo Market. The market is only opening in the morning.

Thung Nai has Thac Ba temple, the queen governs area of northwest, and the upper back is the Muong-Hoa Binh, the Thai-Son La… When finishing hydropower, water of Da river floods valleys, which creates small islands, is very beautiful. Here, residents are mostly the Muong. This is one of the famous lands of the Muong in Hoa Binh- Muong Thang.

The way to Thung Nai following the port of Binh Thanh, along the Da River, winding up and down with more than 10 kilometers, tourists will come to center of town and there has a large marina.

In Thung Nai, there have a lot of spots to explore and relax. If tourists want to hike forest, they will discover Mu village- village of the Muong in the valley between the lush forests. Besides, they can visit wilderness caves in Da River or float on the waves in La Vong.

Thung Nai eco-tourism is invested and managed by Vinashin- Hoa Binh Corporation, located in the port of marina to visit Bo waterfall. From the port to Ba Chua Temple, it only takes 30 minutes. Sitting on the boat, you will lose in the stone islands of natural gift. There have many strange shapes in this island.

From Thac Bo Temple, tourists can go to Ngoi Hoa temple, there has quite pristine Muong; due to the terrain the villages separate from the outside, the only way to travel is boat. Although, it is far about 20 kilometers from Da River, there has not electricity. Especially, tourists can stay home with the Muong and enjoy Muong pork. Thung Nai eco-tourism zone hopes to give you a memorable holiday with the interesting activities and services.

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