Ba Be

Ba Be is a rural district of Bac Kan province in the northeast region of Vietnam. Ba Be has diversity flora and beautiful natural scene. The famous destination is Ba Be National Park which is a popular Vietnam’s natural complex mainly consisting of Ba Be Lake, the supposed largest natural fresh water lake in Vietnam. The 150m altitude makes it the Vietnam’s highest lake above sea level.

Located in the Nam Mau Commune, Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province and about 220 km from Ha Noi, Ba Be Lake is one of the top 100 freshwater lakes in the world and the largest one in North of Vietnam. The name Ba Be comes from its water sources those are the three branches, Pe Lam, Pe Leng and Pe Lu.

Ba Be Lake is 650 hectares width, 145 meters altitude, 8 kilometers length, 20-25 meters average depth and be surrounded by the limestone mountains with caves and underground streams. Due to favorable position, at the centre of the Ba Be National Park, Ba Be Lake is the home to a giant fauna with 81 kinds of animal, 27 kinds of reptile, 322 kinds of bird, 106 kinds of fish and 553 kinds of insect and spider. 

In 1995, Ba Be Lake was recognized as one of the 20 special freshwater lakes in the world. In 2004, ASEAN also recognized it as the Heritage Garden. And now Ba Be Lake, with Ba Be National Park, is one of the most precious gems of Vietnamese tourism and an ideal ecological site for any visitors, especially spring and summer.

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