Quan Y Cave

Quan Y cave belongs to Khe Sau, Hai Son, Tran Chau, Cat Hai district. Previously, this cave is called the Hung Son because it was named as a general of Tran reign. In the American war, this cave is called Quan Y cave because since the 1960s, it became a modern hospital.

Quan Y cave is a masterpiece in the structure of the war because the construction is completely within the heart of a mountain. It is a hospital located in cave which can accommodate over 100 people. Located at the 100 meters height with the window overlooking the valley, Quan Y cave is the ideal place to become rehabilitation. It was built with the help of Chinese technical experts. In the cave, the hospital has 3 floors and 17 rooms, the roads system. Quan Y cave is the place where treats and rehabilitate for the army according to the model of a hospital. Since Quan Y cave was built in the war, this hospital has ventilation systems from within the cave to the top of mountain by zigzags to get fresh air and light easily and just avoid the bombs. According to people live in this area for a long time, the Quan Y cave is always the ideal place to avoid bombs of people and army.

Quan Y cave is the pride of not only Vietnam but also the people of Cat Ba Island. Up to now, when the hospital was moved from one place to another, the historical value and its facilities still exist. It becomes an ideal attraction of Cat Hai.

Admission: 15.000vnd/people.

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