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  • Location: northern Vietnam
  • Status: Vietnam's final frontier, Vietnam's northernmost point
  • Population: 746,300 people (2011 census)
  • Area: about 7,900 square kilometers
  • Telephone area code: 0219

Ha Giang is a province in northeastern Vietnam,bordering China. Ha Giang has many mountains, many old growth forests, many precious wood, and 1.000 kinds of rare herbs. Ha Giang has special cultural products of more than 20 ethnic, a memorable destination by the natural landscape and people in here

Ha Giang is a province in northeastern Vietnam, bordering Cao Bang province in the east, Yen Bai and Lao Cai province in the west and Tuyen Quang in the south. Northern Ha Giang province share the border with China (border length 274 kilometers)

The topography of Ha Giang province is complex; it can be divided into three regions: upland mountain in the north, valley and rivers. Its climate is moderate, divided into 2 seasons: rainy and dry seasons. Western upland of massif upstream of Chay River, steep slopes, narrow valleys and streams, which was divided into two seasons: rainy and dry seasons. Lowland in the province includes hills, Lo River and Ha Giang town. The average temperature is about 240C-280C, in the winter, temperature can go down to -50C.

According to census on April 1st 2009 Ha Giang population is 724.537 people in which H’Mong accounts for 32% total population, Tay (23.3%), Dao (15.1%), Viet (13.3%) and Nung (9.9%)

Ha Giang has many mountains such as Tay Con Linh with 2.419 meters height, there has many old growth forests, many precious wood, and 1.000 kinds of rare herbs. The animal includes tiger, hemorrhoids, phoenix, pangolin… and hundreds of other birds. Ha Giang has poetic and grandeur upland: Dong Van, Khau Vai love market which attracts a numbers of tourists. Coming to Ha Giang, tourists have opportunity to access the unique culture and traditional products such as: bags, dresses with brilliant pattern. Moreover, tourists can enjoy the fair of uplands and explore exciting experience.

The newly-built house ceremony of the Lo Lo is a highlight of Ha Giang. It lasts about 2 days 2 nights at the new home of the Lo Lo. All people in village pull to celebrate the new house. Spring festival is the festival of H’Mong and Dao, it usually held on the day after lunar New Year and lasts from 3 to 7 days. The festivals include crossbow, throwing pa pao’, and drinking wine… .

In brief, Ha Giang has many unique traditional heritages of more than 20 ethnic, a memorable destination by the natural landscape.

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Ha Giang Tours

4 Days

Travel in this Mystical tour is the great choice for you to explore the spectacular view of the mountainous of Northern Vietnam. It's time for you to enjoy pristine nature and gain insight into the daily life as well as...

5 Days

This remote trip of 5 days 4 nights is a perfect short excursion to get away from a buzzing and busy city – Hanoi. You will be amazed by the spectacular valleys and some high mountain passes. Stop on the way to...

  • · Explore the highlights of the cities of Hanoi, Sapa, Lai Chau, Halong, etc
  • · Soak up in the natural sites such as Ban Gioc Waterfall, Pacbo cave, Dau Dang Waterfalls, Ba Be National Park, etc
  • · Have trekking through many hilltribe villages to meet up ethnic minorities as H'Mong, Thai, Ha Nhi, Cong, Si La and La Hu, etc
  • · Enjoy the stunning mountain landscapes and challenging trek on zigzagging & bumpy roads
  • · Learn about interesting local culture
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Things To See In Ha Giang

Dong Van Upland Dong Van Upland
Dong Van is an upland district of Ha Giang, it is far about 146 kilometers from...
Lung Cu Lung Cu
Lung Cu belongs to Dong Van district, Ha Giang. It is far about 200 kilometer...
Nam Dan Ancient Rock Nam Dan Ancient Rock
The whole populations of Nam Dan ancient rock is located between Tay Dan...
Mansion of Vuong Family Mansion of Vuong Family
The mansion of Vuong family ( Vuong Chi Sinh) located in Xa Phin districts,...
Quan Ba Twin Mountain Quan Ba Twin Mountain
Twin Mountain is located along Highway 4C, it is far about 40 kilometers from...
Khau Vai Love Market Khau Vai Love Market
Khau Vai love market belongs to Khau Vai commune, Meo Vac District, Ha Giang,...
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Things To Eat In Ha Giang

Ha Giang Stone Bryophyte Ha Giang Stone Bryophyte
For many years, bryophyte is regarded as the aquatic without effects. However,...
Ha Giang Dried Buffalo Ha Giang Dried Buffalo
Dried buffalo is special food in the meals of Black Thai. This meat is usually...
Ha Giang Au Tau Porridge Ha Giang Au Tau Porridge
In Ha Giang, there have many unique dishes that visitors cannot forget. Bitter...
Shan Tuyet Tea in Ha Giang Shan Tuyet Tea in Ha Giang
Ha Giang is one of the provinces has the oldest Shan tea area in the country....
Minh Hieu Restaurant Minh Hieu Restaurant
Coming to the restaurant, guests will feel comfortable when enjoying the...
Phuong Dong Hotel Restaurant Phuong Dong Hotel Restaurant
Located in the center of Ha Giang province, Phuong Dong restaurant is the...
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Things To Do In Ha Giang

Ha Giang Spring Festival Ha Giang Spring Festival
Vietnam is famous for its historic and cultural traditions. There are plenty of...
Ha Giang Fire Dancing Festival Ha Giang Fire Dancing Festival
Pa Then ethnic has over 5.000 people living mainly in two districts: Bac Quang...
Ha Giang Praying for Rain Festival Ha Giang Praying for Rain Festival
Praying for rain festival of the Lo Lo is common religious in agriculture. On...
Ha Giang Forest Festival Ha Giang Forest Festival
Although the Pu Peo is ethnic people in Ha Giang, they still preserved many...
Yen Bien Hotel Restaurant Yen Bien Hotel Restaurant
Proud of sophistication and meticulousness design, Yen Bien Restaurant assures...
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