Trinh Nu Grotto

Trinh Nu Grotto (Virgin Grotto) is situated on Bo Hon Island, the same location with Luon Cave and Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Cave). It's about 8 kilometers from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf to the south.

The original name of Trinh Nu Grotto was La Virgin, a name in French named by French explorers.

Trinh Nu Grotto has three chambers in total. The tallest ceiling is about 4 meters high. The biggest chamber is the third with the size of 60 meters long, 20 meters wide. Inside the grotto are many stalagmites and stalactites in various living forms of people and animals.

For the locals, Trinh Nu Grotto represents the endless love. The ancient story has it that a beautiful girl fell in love with a young fisherman. While he was going far away to the sea for fishing, the girl was forced to get married with a rich man in the region. In order to keep the faithfulness with her lover, she ran away and waited him in a cave overlooking the sea. The time passed and she was petrified. Nowadays, when visiting the grotto, tourists will see a big stone in the middle. The stone has the shape of a girl with long hair looking forward to her love to be back.

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