Trong Grotto

Trong Grotto (Drum Grotto) is opposite to Trinh Nu Grotto (Virgin Grotto) which is located on Bo Hon Island. It’s about 8 kilometers from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf to the south.

Over several generations, local people have told a beautiful love story as the origination of Trong Grotto and Trinh Nu Grotto. The story is told that when the young fisherman came back to find his girl, he lost the way and reached a cave. That cave is right in front of the cave where his lover was petrified. The young man saw the girl and called her name. He called, called still being exhausted and died there.

Trong Grotto has two entrances: the eastern mouth and the western one, linked with each other. Entering the grotto, visitors will see spectacular scenery of stalactites hung down from the ceiling. Inside the grotto, there is the sound like the sound of drum as wind blows through the grotto. As this interesting sound in the grotto, people also call it as Drum Cave.

At Trong Grotto, archaeologists found a relic of Soi Nhu Culture dating back to 18.000 - 7.000 years ago. It shows that Trong Grotto had been the residence of the ancient Vietnamese in the past.

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