Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park is located in the five districts: Ba Vi, Thach That, Quoc Oai, Hanoi, Luong Son, Ky Son and it is far about 60 kilometers from Hanoi along the highway 21A, 87.

Ba Vi National Park is divided into three functional areas: Strict Conservation, Ecological Restoration and Administrative Services. Ba Vi is the average mountain and low mountain. In Ba Vi National Park, there have several mount with 1000 meters height such as: Dinh Vua (1296 meters), Tan Vien mount (1277 meters), Ngoc Hoa mount (1131 meters), Vien Nam mount (1081m) and Hang Hum mount (776 meters), Gia De (714 meters)… Ba Vi mountain range has large slope with the average slope about 250 meters.

The general characteristics of Ba Vi is dominated by mechanisms of monsoon. The average annual temperature in the region is 23,40oC. With this feature, this is an ideal holiday for tourists.

According to the list of flora collected from the samples and the results of additional investigation in 2008, Ba Vi National Park has 1201 species of vascular plants. The specific feature of the region of Ba Vi is that it has 5 species of Ercaceae and 6 species of Theacae and 19 species Fagaceae which is more than the numbers of Cuc Phuong National Park.

According to the investigation in 2008, the vertebrate fauna in Ba Vi National Park are 342 species. Besides, there has 70 species for meat, leather.

Entrance fee:

-   Ticket for person: 15.000vnd/people

-   Ticket for cars under 10 seats: 20.000vnd

-   Ticket for cars more 10 seats: 25.000vnd

      -  Price ticket for motorbike: 2.000vnd

Price of some services at the Ba Vi National Park:

-   Hotel Price:

+ Type 1: 400.000vnd/room

+ Type 2: 350.000 vnd/room

+ Type 3 (stilt): 2.000.000-2.500.000vnd/house

-   Campfire: 1.000.000-1.500.000vnd

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