Truc Bach Lake

Truc Bach Lake is a lake of Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam, which is a part of West Lake. Previously, it is the west lake. Ye Hoa residents and Yen Quang residents make a small embankment for easier fishing. After that, Trinh Lord made embankment broaden and called 'Co Ngu' embankment. Now, it is Thanh Nien road. The corner of the lake, there has a place for Trinh Doanh Lord, then it became where palace ladies were detained because of crime. They grew mulberry and made silk so that the place was called 'Truc' village and they named 'Truc Bach' Lake. In the Trinh Lord reign, Truc Bach Lake planted lotus, which burst into fragrant one region. Truc Bach Lake is not large; standing here can see the looming shadow at the far edge.

Going around Truc Bach Lake, turn on Ngu Xa peninsula, visiting ancient pagoda and the statue of Amida, tourists will have strange feeling. There have some structures, historic relic, and cultural relic around Truc Bach Lake.

On the western angle, it is Quan Thanh temple to worship Saint Tran Vu. On the eastern lake, it has Chau Long pagoda, linking to Princess of Tran reign "Khiet Co". This Pagoda is located on the mountain with dragon shape releasing the jade so that people named "Chau Long". It was built from Ly-Tran reign. Chau Long, pagoda is a valuable sculpture, which was classified by the State. On the north, there has Than Quang, where has the biggest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam. The statue has 4 meters height and 14 tons weight. It is the valuable sculpture not only in Vietnam but also on the world.

Most tourists come to Hanoi visiting around Truc Bach Lake because there have many historic relics and unique architecture. Truc Bach Lake along with Ly Tu Trong Park and West Lake makes a harmonious nature and a beautiful landscape of Hanoi capital. Currently, Truc Bach Lake is one of the ideal destinations for domestic and foreign tourists to Hanoi.

 Entrance fee: Free

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