Van Phuc Silk Village

Ha Dong silk village is known as Van Phuc silk village, Van Phuc, Ha Dong, Ha noi. It is far about 10 kilometer from the center of Hanoi. This is the most famous silk village from ancient time; there are many patterns and long-stand of Vietnam. Van Phuc silk is selected under the reign of the Nguyen. Located on the Nhue River, Van Phuc silk village retains many features ancient such as the well, lotus flower, tree… Van Phuc silk village has reputation with silk weaving tradition. Ha Dong silk as well as traditional crafts of the trade villages in Hanoi, often referred to in ancient poetry. According to legend, about 1.200 years ago, Ms. A La Thi Nuong living in Cao Bang is a famous person with skillful weaving of Van Phuc village. She brought the secrets of Chinese weaving silk to teach people who live in the village. When she passed away, she was respected as tutelary deity.

Van Phuc silk village became famous from the reign of Ly. Van Phuc silk was the first introduced at the Marseille International Fair (1931) and Paris (1938), it was evaluated as the sophisticated products of Indochina. Van Phuc silk is very popular in France, Thailand, and Indonesia…  From 1958 to 1988, Van Phuc silk were exported to Eastern Europe countries, from 1990, it was exported to many countries in the world.

For many years, Van Phuc village still retains intact the traditional values. In general, the special features of Van Phuc silk and in particularly Hang Van silk is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, wearing it people find soft and gentle. Decorative patterns on silk are diverse such as Song Hac sample, Tho Dinh sample, Tu Quy sample… and it always follows the traditional methods.

Van Phuc village has 785 households who weave silk, accounting for 60% of households living in villages. Every year, Van Phuc produces 2.5 to 3 million square meters silk, accounting for 63% total revenue of all the villages. Currently, Van Phuc village has over 1000 textile machinery and every day there have about 400 seasonal workers from around the region who are coming here to work. Stores silk grew more and more. It has 3 streets with more than 100 stores silk in order to meet the demand of tourists.

Tourists can use camera.

Entrance fee: Free

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