West Lake

Previously, West Lake has other names such as: Xac Cao, Kim Nguu Lake, Lang Bac, Dam Dam, Hoai Ho, which is the largest natural lake in Hanoi city.The Lake has an area of 500 hectares that is located on the northwest of downtown Hanoi. Geographical history has proven that West Lake is one of the branches of Hong River. The adjacent area around the West Lake will be planned to become the center of Hanoi in the near future.

West Lake is not only the ideal destination but also contained the value of the nation. There are 21 temples or communal houses around the lake which are listed in the national heritage list with many famous vestiges and objects. Among them, the Quan Thanh temple, Tran Quoc pagoda and Tay Ho temple are the famous tourist destinations of the West Lake.

Tran Quoc pagoda is one of the most ancient pagodas in Vietnam. Located beside the Thanh Niên Road, it is in the area of Yen Phu village with the temple honoring the God. There is a procession of the temple to pagoda every year with the group of boat. The pagoda was built since VI century. In 1615, the river side was broken to the side of the pagoda; therefore it is relocated inside the deck. The pagoda was renamed many times: An Quoc, Tran Bac, Tran Quoc, etc.

West Lake is an interesting destination for tourists. At the reign of Ly-Tran, the King built many palaces around the lake such as: Thuy Hoa Palace of Ly dynasty, Ham Nguyen Palace of Tran dynasty. On the quite windy day, boating on West Lake is elegant sense. If you have a walk around the lake, you will visit many relics and landscape. Nghi Tam Village, hometown of poet "Ba Huyen Thanh Quan" with Kim Lien Pagoda, has unique architecture. Nhat Tan Village, where Lac Thi gave birth to 7 dragons has peach blossom spring. Xuan Tao Village has Soc Temple, Trich Sai Village has Thien Nien pagoda… West Lake along with Truc Bach Lake enrichs the poetry of Hanoi and also enrich for Hanoi economy.

Besides, Tay Ho also attracts customers for having the range of restaurant with the famous Banh Tom West Lake and Bun Oc (noodle of shellfish soup). Shrimp and shellfish are caught right in the West Lake. Tourists will have opportunity to enjoy traditional Ho Tay Shrimp Cake. A special trait of culture is versed in food Thang Long Hanoi and also special meals of Asian - Europe full of poetries delight of water, cloud, wind and Vietnam green trees.

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