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Hanoi Transportation


Most foreign visitors arrive at the Noi Bai International Airport. This airport is located in the north of Hanoi, 35 km away from the city center. There are several airlines from many countries running flights at Noi Bai airtport. If departing from Noi Bai airport via Vietnam Airlines with no checked luggage, walk to the last airline check-in counter and to the right of it, there is a sign showing check-in for passengers without checked luggage. Use this counter to save time for your trip.

After exiting the airport, visitors can hire a taxi to go to the center of Hanoi. There is a fixed price taxi on the right outside the exit and the fee is usually about $10-16 for going into the city. Furthermore, you should check and confirm the price with the driverbefore getting on the taxi. If you already have booked a hotel, you might ask the hotel for a shuttle service.

Visitors can go to the city central by public buses with areallycheap costbut it will take a long time, about 1.5 hours.There is a Shuttle-buses station for going from the airport to the center located at the Vietnam Airlines Office on 1 Quang Trung Street.

Bus system

In general, travelling by bus is really cheap and flexible. However, during peak hours, it is not convenient because of traffic jam.  Hanoi has an extensive bus system with various routes. You can pick up a map with printed bus lines and spend a few minutes to identify your route in the over 60 bus lines. You have to pay only from 3000 dong to 5000 dong for a journey.


The recommendation is to only use the reputable and reliable taxi companies and be careful with meter taxis in Hanoi. Drivers of some of the less reputable taxi companies can "fix" their meters to run faster so the bill running up very fast.  Some meter taxi drivers in Hanoi prefer negotiating a flat fee than using the meter. Ideally, you should bargain before getting on the taxi.

These are some recommended reputable taxi companies: Hanoi Taxi, ☎+84 4 3853 5353), Taxi CP, ☎+84 4 3826 2626), Mai Linh Taxi, ☎+84 4 3861 6161).

Most taxi drivers speak limited English, so you should write the name and address of your destination in Vietnamese to show the taxi driver. The best way to take trip comfortable and safe trip is going along with a native people or a tourist guide which hired before. They will help you avoid the scams that are common to foreigners. A reputable travelling agent can provide all necessary services. You will have to pay an initial cost for a full trip but can avoid the loss behind.

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