The Muong

The Muong live in the valleys, surrounded by rice fields, Hoa Binh Province. They live near convenient place. The main profession of local people is rice planting. Besides, they explore forest products like mushrooms, Chinese black mushrooms, cardamom, honey, wood and bamboo… Weaving brocade, knitting is the handicraft of the Muong.

Step on Thung May at the height of 1.200 meters above sea level, tourists can see the whole of the Muong, especially, the culture and daily life of the Muong. The culture of Muong is expressed through clothes like Muong dress, rites such as weddings, funeral…

Drums and gongs play the important role in their music. Tourists come to the Muong on the days “spring festival”, “xuong dong festival”, “home festival”…, they will enjoy the melody of gongs, drums. The landscape of Muong in the middle of valley together with sound of the gongs, trees creates unforgettable impression.

The Muong costume is exquisite and there has different contours compare with other ethnic. Men usually wear costume that covers the buttocks, two pockets below or add pocket on the left. Women wear Pan clothe (short dress), this is short blouse with long sleeves. Previously, their costume has only two colors: brown or white, but now, has various colors. Muong skirts are long black skirt, which is decorated with brocade patterns. Therefore, it demonstrates the ingenuity of the Muong. Houses of the Muong are built according to wood stilted house. The house has one stair, during the days of wedding, funerals; they often make one stair to go to kitchen conveniently.

Hoa Binh is concerned as the province of the Muong. Muong culture contributes greatly to make special appeal for cultural traditional land. Coming to Hoa Binh, understanding local culture, tourists can help coming Muong cultural space- reflects and retains all vivid space, daily life, production and unique culture. Here, we would really soak into Muong social, enjoy traditional cuisine and the sound of gongs. Coming to Hoa Binh, coming to the Muong is also found the cradle and history of our nation.

Entrance fee: 7.000 vnd/people

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