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Khai Ha Muong Bi Ceremony in Hoa Binh

Khai Ha is folk ceremony associated with agriculture, brings many marks of Vietnamese civilization. This is cultural activities- an indispensable belief of Muong Bi, Phong Phu on the New Year. The ceremony represents the dream of ethnic people about bumper crop, prosperous life, and happiness. Khai Ha start for New Year with two parts. According to provisions of Muong Bi, after the ceremony, people just go to forest to take bamboo shoot, woods… so that the ceremony is also called “xuong dong” and open forest ceremony. One unique feature of Khai Ha ceremony is repair Lo ditches. This is the ditch that assures irrigation for the whole region. As the rule, one person in each family must take part in common tasks such as: dredging ditch, making influenced flow. Each people is work hard until finished ditch was repaired.

The festival has folk games such as: crossbow and dragging… and unique traditional dishes. On the wide beach, boys, girls and even children can join the crossbow competition. In addition, there has throwing “con” along with love songs that starts of the couples love. The traditional contests are very exciting.

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