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  • Being the city of Thua Thien - Hue, a central Vietnam province.
  • Rising a fame as Royal Capital
  • Reaching a population of about 350, 400 inhabitants living on an area of 83.3 square km
  • Strongly connecting to feudal dynasty

Hue is located in central Vietnam on the banks of the Huong River, a few miles inland from Bien Dong. Hue was the capital of 9 reigns of Nguyen. Hue still retains culture heritage and intangible heritage which contains values of wisdom and spirit of Vietnam. Throughout the centuries, the quintessence of country converges here to create a fantastic natural picture with romantic river and charming mountain.

Thua Thien Hue is one province of central Vietnam, the north borders Quang Tri, on the south is Da Nang city. It has an area of 5.053,99 square kilometers, average population 1105.5 thousand people. Thua Thien Hue has 8 districts and Hue city includes150 communes, town. Hue is located on the important road north-south. The city is important center in many aspects such as culture, politics, economic, education, health, tourism, science and technology…

In Hue, the dry season is from March to August, with high temperatures of 35-400C. The rainy season is from August to January with a flood season from October. The average rainy season temperature is 200C, sometimes as low as 90C. And spring lasts from January to late February.

For nearly 40 years (1558-1945), Hue was the capital of 9 reigns of Nguyen. Hue still retains culture heritage and intangible heritage which contains values of wisdom and spirit of Vietnam. Throughout the centuries, the quintessence of country converges here to create a fantastic natural picture with romantic river and charming mountain. Therefore, Hue is considered as the palaces, temples, majestic tombs, famous destinations…

The architecture system represents the authority of Nguyen absolute monarchy before changes of time. It is the Hue citadel, Tu Cam Thanh. The citadel system is an example of harmony between the quintessence of Western and oriental architecture which are located in the natural landscape with many symbols. The architecture seems to be mixed with wonderful nature, which creates the charming picture.

Hoang Thanh is limited by a wall with approximately 600 meters length and 4 unique entrances. The road leads to Than dao has unique architecture such as: Nghinh Luong Dinh, Phu Van Lau, Ky Dai, Ngo Mon, Thai Hoa, Can Chanh, Can Thanh, Khon Thai, Kien Trung… On the roadside of Than dao, there have hundreds of large and small buildings.

Situated on both sides of Huong River, royal tombs of Nguyen Kings are considered as the achievements of the landscape architecture. The Tombs are heaven for owners when entering the afterlife. Each tomb reflects the personality of the owner. Gia Long tomb is austere but majestic among mountains. Minh Mang tomb is majestic among mountain and lake… Tu Duc tomb formed mainly by the sophistication or human.

Hue existed reputation gardens such as: Ngu Vien, Thu Quang, Thuong Mau, Truong Ninh, Thieu Phuong… The architecture of gardens combines with availability factors creates a specific type of garden in Hue. Each garden has the shadow of the Hue citadel. Nearly a half century as the capital of a dynasty with political institutions based on Confucianism. Besides the golden palace architecture, Hue also preserves hundreds of ancient pagodas.

Associated with feudal dynasty comply with the principles of Confucianism philosophy, festival and music in here had developed. The court has Te Giao ceremony, Te Xa Tac, Nguyen Dan, Doan Duong, Van Tho, Dai Trieu, Thuong Trieu, Ban Soc, Truyen Lo, Duyet Binh… Common people have various festivals: Hon Chen, Cau Ngu, Sinh… Besides, there has ritual form of folk music such as: "tuong" Hue, dance of Hue… Coming here in June, tourists will have opportunity to live in vivid space associated with the cultural festival of hundred years ago. A lot of foreign tourists are curious about Hue’s ritual royal music. Originated from 8 kinds of ritual music under Le dynasty, under Nguyen dynasty, it has improved into 2 kinds of music: "Dai nhac" and "Nha nhac", which are really magnificent, and skillful. Those are only played on formal occasions. This city is proud to be the cradle of traditional music. The Royal Refined Music was proclaimed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on December 1993. Traditional music has been preserved in the Hue city. Recently, we have established submissions for UNESCO recognized Hue royal music: Nha nhac is a masterpiece of intangible and cultural heritage.

Today, Hue becomes the typical city of Vietnam. Every two years, people welcome Hue festival. In the opinion of citizens, Hue becomes Festival city because Hue still retains typical architecture and nature construction. The combination between the architecture and landscape makes Hue becomes a city of harmony between architecture-nature and human.

Hue still retains over 1000 dishes cooked by way of Hue; there have dishes for Nguyen dynasty. The menu includes dozens of dishes which are prepared meticulously with attractive flavor, attractive color, and beautiful dishes. The cuisines of Hue are rich, but one of the most striking differences is the prominence of vegetarianism in the city. No one who comes to Hue could forget its ancient beauty and romance.

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Hue Tours

1 Days

Start from early morning to Aluoi for the Ashau Valley, one of the strategic focal points of the Vietnam war, you will have a day tour to western Hue city and explore about this major battleground and many bloody...

Only From $71 $83
5 Days
DanangHoi AnHue

Designed to bring you the peaceful time when in Central Vietnam, the 5 day tour in Danang - Hoi An - Hue will absolutly worth your visit.
Not only renowned for the romantic time to wander along romantic lantern...

Only From $343 $403
  • · Visiting famous tourist sites in Hanoi such as: Ho Chi Minh Complex, Temple of Literature, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Hanoi Old Quarter, and so on.
  • · Enjoying the beauty of Halong Bay, the World's Natural Heritage.
  • · Spending your time in Hue - the old Capital and World Cultural Heritage Site.
  • · Experiencing the peaceful life and feel the warm of local people in Hoi An.
  • · Experience the world longest single-wire cable car system of Ba Na Hills and walk in foggy Golden Bridge enjoy gorgeous views
Experiences :
Only From $1,300 $1,530
  • · Join a trip along famous heritage sites in Vietnam: Halong Bay, Hoi An Ancient Town, Hue Old Citadel
  • · Watch a special folk art performance telling the Vietnamese ancient stories – Water Puppet Show
  • · Reach the magnificent observation view when trekking in mountainous Sapa
  • · Immerse yourself in peaceful atmosphere along the lantern streets in Hoi An ancient town
  • · Learn how to make traditional Vietnamese specialties in Mekong Delta: Coconut Candy, Rice paper, Pop corn
Experiences :
Only From $1,111 $1,307
  • · Learn about the War through a visit of Quang Tri Citadel
  • · Visit La Vang Church, a very famous catholic church in Quang Tri
  • · Listen to stories about historical sites en route: Ben Hai river, Hien Luong bridge, Doc Mieu base
  • · Explore Paradise Cave - the longest dry cave in Asia with a system of white crystal stalactites
Experiences :
Only From $88 $104
  • · Soak up the tranquil atmosphere of Hue city
  • · Explore the history, architecture and culture of Hue and Nguyen Dynasty
  • · Visit famous attractions of the city: Imperial Citadel, Forbidden Purple City, Minh Mang Tomb and Khai Dinh Tomb
  • · Take a leisure boat trip along the Perfume River to visit Thien Mu Pagoda
  • · Walk around Dong Ba Market to enjoy local specialties
Experiences :
Only From $61 $72
  • · Take a boat trip along Perfume River and visit Thien Mu Pagoda
  • · Enjoy fabulous biking tour around the beautiful villages of Thuy Bieu, Nguyet Bieu, Luong Quan
  • · Explore the daily life of the locals
  • · Take part in cooking class and prepare lunch by yourself.
  • · Relax your foot with medicinal herbs water - a traditional therapeutically practice
Experiences :
Only From $53 $63
  • · Enjoy a stress-free day trip to Bach Ma National Park
  • · Learn about the flora and fauna within the park from a guide
  • · See Cau Hai lagoon, Hai Vong Dai with the panoramic view of the park
  • · Have a Vietnamese-style picnic lunch with a view of the Five Lakes
  • · Soak up the beauty of Do Quyen Waterfall
Experiences :
Only From $64 $75

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