Khai Dinh Tomb

Khai Dinh tomb belongs to Thuy Bang, Huong Thuy, Thua Thien-Hue and it is far about 10 kilometers from Hue city. Khai Dinh tomb has an area smaller than others one but it is more sparkling and sophisticated between western and oriental architecture.

Khai Dinh King chose Chau Ngu Mountain to built tomb which is far about 10 kilometers from Hue. The tomb was established on September 4th 1920 and lasted to 11 years after. The tomb has a combination between modern and traditional architecture. In comparison with those of the preceding emperors, Khai Dinh’ s tomb is much smaller in surface (117m x 48.5m) but it is very elaborate.

Overall tomb is rectangle block with 127 steps stair and divided into:

Coming to tomb must past the system of 37 steps stair, adding more 29 steps stair, tourists will come to a yard, in the middle has stone stele house. All statues were made from stone in Khai Dinh tomb, two pillars are very hight. Go up three more levels so as to reach the altar monument. The walls are decorated and inlaid with elaborate glass and porcelain designs. Beyond these modern building materials and designs, the tombs had elements of eastern art mixed with western designs. The most noticeable characteristic of the tomb is the glassy; it is really a masterpiece of Vietnamese early in the 20th century.

Khai Dinh tomb is really a valuable structure and architecture. It makes diversity for complex of tombs in Hue.

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