Minh Mang Tomb

This tomb is far about 12 kilometers from Hue, on the Cam Ke mount and on the west bank of the Huong River. The construction began in September 1840. While the tomb had been building, Minh Mang was sick and passed away in January 1841. King Thieu Tri continued completing the tomb according to his father’s plans. And it was accomplished in 1843.

Minh Mang tomb reaches the standard architectural complex with 40 constructions such as: palaces, temples, pavilions…. The tomb is divided into three main parts.

Dai Hong Mon is the main entrance to access the tomb with 24 heaving roofs covered with beautiful decorations. This gate only opens for King and had been tightly closed until now. Tourists can enter at Ta Hong Mon and Huu Hong Mon.

Bi Dinh is located behind Dai Hong Mon with its two rows of mandarins, elephants and horses’ statues. Bi Dinh is on the Phung Than Mountain.

The Salutation court is divided into: Hien Duc Mon gate, Sung An temple, Huu Phoi Dien, Huu Tung Phong . The king often worshiped in Sung An temple, Hoang Trach Mon leads to the Minh Lau with two stories and eight roofs. Behind Minh Lau are two flower gardens designed as the character “Longevity”.

Tourists must climb 33 stone steps to reach the tomb. In addition, visitors can see the poems in the stele pavilion, Hien Duc gate, Sung An temple and Minh pavilion of Vietnam’s early 19th century. Coming to Hue, visitors will have unique impression in Minh Mang tomb about ancient architecture and solemn space.

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