Phuoc Tich Ancient Village

Located on the bank of O Lau river, Phuoc Tich village, Phong Dien commune attracts many people come here. Phuoc Tich is far about 30 kilometers from center of Hue city to the North; the village has famous for pottery. Now, tourists from whole nation come to Phuoc Tich in order to contemplate 'ruong' houses with 500 years old. People not only know the trail of Champa ancient pottery - kiln is preserved by local peple but also enjoy the beautiful nature.

Come into the village, tourists can see behind the church in which have pits with pieces of glazed terra-cotta. It is known that when building the base of “community house”, people found the artifacts by chance. The number of glazed terra-cotta could be found even in the 1.5 meters.

After eliminating some unsuitable suppositions, Mr. Ho Tan Phan- the historical researcher commented that it is one ancient pottery. Base on the amount of glazed terra-cotta, it can be guessed as the ancient pottery. It is said that nowhere can be found the huge number of artifacts like this place by chance. However, there have no activities of authorities to preserve the valuable artifacts immediately.

Looming somewhere in the ancient village with more than 500 years old, local people still sees the trail of the Champa. From stone stele with relief is worshiped under the roof of tree on the river to Quang Te temple, there have the breath of ancient the Champa. Viet culture blended with Cham culture and existed together in the charming scenery, which makes each relic become pure and close beauty. Roads, streets with grassy green entrance house also keep tourist’s feet.

The green garden surround the ancient “ruong” houses create the unique Phuoc Tich. The number of “Ruong” houses preserved in the village is approximately 30 houses. It is known as the village of rich people or mandarins in Hue ancient capital. On March 17th 2009, the village is ranked as the national relic.

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