The nine Tripod Cauldrons of Nguyen Dynasty

The nine tripod cauldrons were placed in the The Mieu yard. Nine cauldrons were made from in the end of 1835 to the beginning of 1837. On March 4th 1837, the court inaugurated nine cauldrons under the direct mandate of King Minh Mang. 'Cuu Dinh'- the nine tripod cauldrons presents the wish about everlasting existence of Nguyen dynasty and prosperous country. All wishes are clearly represented in each name and carved patterns on each cauldron.

Each cauldron was named with official name of Kings: Cao Dinh (the alias of Gia Long), Nhan Dinh (the alias of Minh Mang), Chuong Dinh (the alias of Thieu Tri), Anh Dinh (the alias of Tu Duc), Nghi Dinh (the alias of Kien Phuc), Thuan Dinh (the alias of Dong Khanh), Tuyen Dinh (the alias of Khai Dinh), Du Dinh and Huyen Dinh were not named for any Kings because in the August revolution, the Nguyen Dynasty was collapsed.

Nine cauldrons was arranged a row in the Hien Lam Cac yard, each cauldron was placed on the big stone block. Cao Dinh is forward 3 meters compare with the other one with the purpose of honoring the merit of the first king of Nguyen dynasty.

The architecture and sophisticated bronze carved creates the valuation of nine tripod cauldrons. The highest cauldron has a height of 2.5 meters and the shortest cauldron has 2.3 meters height. A pair of handle is not similar, it has square shape or round shape or twist shape. The foot of cauldron has some difference.

Each cauldron has 17bas-reliefpictures about the heaven, sea, mountain, river, fish, bird, flower, fruits and weapons (the famous landscapes and specialties of Vietnam). 153 patterns in nine cauldrons are perfect arts which is the combination between cast art and bas relief art at the beginning of 19th century. “Cuu dinh” is really a special heritage which has many valuable sides of Hue culture in general and whole country in particular.

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