Tu Dam Pagoda

Tu Dam pagoda is located in the range and high land belongs to Truong An ward, it is far about 2 kilometers from Hue city to the South. There has Kim Phung Mountain in front of the pagoda, Linh Quang pagoda and Phan Boi Chau Pagoda on the left and Thien Minh Pagoda behind the Tu Dam pagoda.

The general architecture is called “Hoi pagoda style” with a combination contour art between modern architecture and ancient architecture. Tu Dam pagoda has three important parts: three-door temple gate, main pagoda and Hoi area.

Three -door temple gate is high and large. Behind the gate, there is sacred fig which was given by the leader of the French Buddhism in 1936. With the large yard, clean as well as fresh air, thousands of people can gather here to worship.

The main pagoda consists of forecourt, central chamber and ancient area. Forecourt was built on the granite foundation at the height of 1.5 meters. On the corner of roof, it has couple dragons along with yin and yang roof which creates harmony. Along the pillars of forecourt, there have parallel sentences with beautiful contour.

In the central chamber, there has The Ton Thich statue sitting on lotus. Tu Dam pagoda has simple decoration compare with other pagoda in Hue. Behind the central chamber, it is ancient area. Tu Dam pagoda is the “Hoi pagod” so that club-house was built very large with 10 rooms, two stories and near Phan Boi Chau road.

Tu Dam pagoda was established by superior Buddhist monk, Minh Hoang Tu Dung after the period of 1695. In 1703, Nguyen Phuc Chu Lord conferred for pagoda the title “Sac Tu An Ton”, after that, the pagoda is also known An Ton. In 1841 the reign of Thieu Tri, it was renamed “Tu Dam pagoda”.

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