Lai Chau

Lai Chau is a province in northwestern Vietnam. The province is the most sparsely populated in Vietnam. The scenery of Lai Chau province is some of the most spectacular scenery you can see in the far northwest of Vietnam. There is plenty to amuse the eye on the journey from Lao Cai, from the striking limestone mountains which reaches into the distance in misty shades of green and green, to the plentiful waterfalls and village life.

Lai Chau is a northwestern province of Vietnam and be considered as a remote area with ethnic minorities and unique natural scenes. The  total area of Lai Chau is more than 9,000 sq km with the population of about 400,000 people. Most of them are Viet, Thai, H’Mong and Dao.

Like other provinces in the North Vietnam, Lai Chau also boasts the typical features of a highland area such as green terraces, ethnic minorities with colorful traditional attire, and fields of green tea, wooden houses and cows.

About the attractive places, Tien Son Cave is the most significant name. The cave includes 49 rooms and these rooms are bigger as you explore deeper. Inside the cave, there are colorful stalagmites and a perennial stream which create an ethereal atmosphere with any visitors coming.

Sin Ho Village is also another interesting place for you to have a new way to explore Lai Chau. Here, you can meet the locals coming from many ethnic minorities like Thai, Dao and experience a day of them with many interesting and memorable moments in their colorful markets and festivals.

About the accommodations, you can check in the Muong Thanh Hotel or Lan Anh Hotel with cheap living cost.

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Lai Chau Tours

7 Days
HanoiSon LaDien BienLai ChauSapaHanoi

Northwest Vietnam is the highland place that really attracts tourists with many Vietnam's minorities groups and rich culture. This is also a stunning destination with the fascinating valleys, the spectacular passes with...

Only From $608
9 Days
HanoiYen BaiSapaLai ChauDien BienSon LaHoa BinhHanoi

This 9-day tour gives you the great opportunity to explore the hidden charm of the remote and rugged north mountains of Vietnam with the picturesque incredible scenery and fascinating people. Leave the graceful streets...

Only From $817
  • · Make acquaintance with local vibrance in historic Hanoi
  • · Enjoy a bamboo rafting adventure along Xia River
  • · Explore the pristine beauty of Sin Ho & Pu Dao village
  • · Enjoy the colorful atmosphere and have fun in Bac Ha market
  • · Chill with fresh air and sound of nature in the stunning Thanh Kim village
Experiences :
Only From $1,265 $1,405
  • · Explore the highlights of the cities of Hanoi, Sapa, Lai Chau, Halong, etc
  • · Soak up in the natural sites such as Ban Gioc Waterfall, Pacbo cave, Dau Dang Waterfalls, Ba Be National Park, etc
  • · Have trekking through many hilltribe villages to meet up ethnic minorities as H'Mong, Thai, Ha Nhi, Cong, Si La and La Hu, etc
  • · Enjoy the stunning mountain landscapes and challenging trek on zigzagging & bumpy roads
  • · Learn about interesting local culture
Experiences :
Only From $1,786

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