Cat Cat

From Sapa town center fo Cat Cat is only 2 kilometers. It is the oldest of the Mong which preserves traditional handicrafts such as growing cotton, linen and textile and crafted jewelry. Especially, this place remains its unique traditions that other regions have no or no original existence.

Through the looms, the Mong create colorful brocades and patterns that simulate trees, leaves, flowers, animals… In the Cat Cat, crafted silver jewelry has longstanding that creates sophisticated products with several stages. Carving silver products in Cat Cat are plentiful such as: necklaces, bracelets, ring…

The thing attracts tourists to Cat Cat is the unique tradition such as: “Keo vo”. When the man love one women, he will invite friends and sets plan to “pull” her to his home in an unexpected way. He will keep her within 3 days. After that, if she agrees to get married with him, they will hold weding. If the woman disagrees, they will drink wine together and all things return to normal without anything happening. The Mong weddings in Cat Cat are usully held from 2 to 7 days.

Architecture of Cat Cat village has many features with po-mu wood roof. The frame of house has three columns horizontal truss. The columns are listed on the round or square stones. Walls are roofed with timber with three doors: the main door in the nave, two doors on either sides of the house. The main door is always closed, it opens only when having wedding, holidays. The house has the worship space, reserved food floor, sleeping, kitchen and a reception desk. Cat Cat village is formed from the mid-19 century, the residence of households based on slopes and gathered together. They grow rice on terraced fields; grow corn on the mountain by crafted cultivation methods. Most houses are simple with a desk, bed and cooking stove…

Ticket prices: 35.000vnd/adult

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