Thanh Hoa

As the northernmost province in the Central Vietnam, Thanh Hoa Province is not only famous for its education and talented person but also a prominent tourist destination.

Its capital and largest city is Thanh Hoa City with a population of 176,400. The province has a seaside resort called Sầm Sơn, which is situated about 15 km from the provincial capital. The largest towns are Bỉm Son (pop. 53,000) and Sầm Sơn (pop. 52,000).

About people, Thanh Hoa is the third largest population in Vietnam, with more than 3 million citizens. More, Thanh Hoa is the land of various ethnic minorities like Muong, Thai, Tho, Dao and H’Mong.
About the tourist attractions, the Ho Citadel and Sam Son Beach are the most well-known names. Besides, Ba Trieu Pagoda, Holy Fish Pond and Ben En National Park are also very attractive.

The Ho Citadel was built in the 14th century by Ho Quy Ly. This special 600-year-old citadel was made from giant and sophisticated carving stones. There are three parabolic gates at the entrance with similar height (5.82 with the central gate and 5.75 with the others). The highest wall is in the front gate (more than 10m). In the middle of June, 2012, the Ho Citadel was recognized by the UNESCO as one of the world heritages.

The Holy Fish Pond, also known as Cam Luong Fish Cave, is one of the most interesting and special sites in Thanh Hoa with thousands of fishing. It’s said that the fishes in this pond is holy and people in Thanh Hoa always shows respects to them and fishing is forbidden. More, people built an altar for the fish spirits to pray for rain and a favorable season. Many visitors came here just to see and take photos of these fishes. This will be an indispensable place in your journey in Thanh Hoa.


Ba Trieu Pagoda is a solemn place dedicated to the first female leader of Vietnam.

She was sacrificed herself when her forces were killed by the Northern enemies.


Ben En National Park is 36km from the city of Thanh Hoa to the southwest. Within an area of 16.634 ha of old-growth forests, mountains, rivers and streams, Ben En National Park is the ideal choice for any visitors those want to experience the beauty of nature in Thanh Hoa. Ben En is the home to 462 kinds of plants and animal and many of them are rare species. The caves with stalagmites are also another attraction for tourists.

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