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Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba market is situated along the northern bank of Huong river, Tran Hung Dao, Hue city and it is far about Truong Tien bridge about 100 meters to the North. Dong Ba market is the biggest central market of Thua Thien - Hue province and area.

Before appearing “Dong Ba” market, there has “qui gia thi” market in the reign of Gia Long. This name marked the day when soldiers of Nguyen dynasty came back. Over 1 decade after, the summer in 1885, “Quy Gia” market was destroyed. Until to 1887, Dong Khanh king rebuilt this market and renamed “Dong Ba” market.  The market supplies goods for palace, traders, soldiers and dormitory of Dong Khan University, Binh Linh University and Thien Huu University. Until to 1899, in the renovation base on western style, Thanh Thai king moved the market to this place.

There includes 8 compartments in front of market, 12 compartments behind market, and 13 compartments on the right… In the market, people built one stone well. When people want to take water, they must turn round the machine, water will pour.

At the beginning of 20th century, Dong Ba market was renewed many times. Until to 1967, Sai Gon power destroyed the old market and built new market. The market was not accomplished; bomb of American in 1968 damaged almost the market. After that, Sai Gon authority built to continue trade. In 1987, Dong Ba was renewed.

Apart from the bell in the centre, Dong Ba market is surrounded by 9 rows of houses along with 4 new areas such as fish market, service market area… with an area of 15.597m.2. Besides, the market manager also manages “Hoa Vien Chuong Duong” area, parking… The average guests come to market approximately from 5.000 to 7.000 persons. On the Tet holiday, there has over 1.200.000 people.

The cultural juice of Thua Thien-Hue still retains until now, tourists can find in Dong Ba market such as: Phu Cam conical hat, Song Hy “Me xung”, Che Tuan, dried lotus…and traditional dishes in Hue like: com hen, bun bo, banh la, cha tom, banh khoai, che dau van… Dong Ba market becomes the centre which provides raw materials for restaurants, hotels. Tourists from around the world come here overwhelming before beautiful landscapes in Hue. 

Today, Dong Ba plays the important role in the economy. Not only provide goods for city but also creates jobs for unemployment and contributes over 10 billion Vietnam dong of tax into national budget. Dong Ba Market, Truong Tien Bridge as well as Huong River are the symbols of poetic Hue.

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