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Lang Co beach has 10 kilometers length, belongs to Lang Co commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue. The beach is located along the side of National Highway No.1A; it is far about 24 kilometers from Hai Van Pass and Bach Ma Mountain.

Lang Co situated between 3 cultural heritage centres:  Hue ancient capital, Hoi An old quarter and My Son Sanctuary with the radius about 70 kilometers. Lang Co attracts tourists and researchers from the cultural heritage centre. Lang Co is on the North-South tourist route and far 30 kilometers from Da Nang city and far 70 kilometers from Hue city.


Lang Co beach is located on the foot of Hai Van Mountain. This area includes sand-bank near the coast with 1.5 meters height- 10.5 meters height. Next is the dune with the height of 5 meters to 23 meters lasting 8-9 kilometers. Natural slope is mainly 0.005%-0.05%. On the foot of Phu Gia Mountain, western Lap An lagoon, there has the dune with the slope of 20-30%. Besides, the west and south-west, it has Lap An lagoon and small valleys.


The area of Lang Co channel is situated in the tropical monsoon climate. Lang Co is also impacted by ocean wind and land wind. The average temperature per year is 25,20C. The hottest temperature is in June, July with temperature about 41,30C and the coldest is in December with 8,80C.

Lang Co is also known as “An Cu” by the French. Someone said that Lang Co had many storks before so that it is also know with the name “Stork village”, after that local people usually call “Lang Co”. Lang Co beach is the famous natural landscape of Thua Thien Hue province. Many years ago, this beach has famous for nature and the most beautiful landscape in Vietnam with white sand-bank along with tropical forest on the mountains.

Lang Co beach has the length of 8 kilometers, along the National Highway No.01A, near the Hai Van pass and it is far about 24 kilometers from Bach Ma National Garden. This is the most beautiful beach in Vietnam which is suit for relaxing, diving and is one of the ideal holiday resorts since many years.

Located near the Lang Co is Hai Van Mountain- Hai Van Quan- one of the most famous landscapes in Vietnam. Along the foot of Hai Van Mountain, Lang Co beach has coral, lobster and many valuable fishes. In this area, there has Son Tra islet, which preserves many flora and wild fauna. Behind the beach are the Lap An Lagoon and a range of Bach Ma mountain. All the elements bring for Lang Co beach the potentiality about promoting many kinds of tourism model: vacation, diving, researching about wild fauna.

On the nice day, from Lang Co, tourists can contemplate the scenery of Bach Ma national garden. Along the National Highway No.01 from Hue to Da Nang, far about 60 kilometers from Hue, between Chan May Tay and Chan May Dong, there also has a beach and an ideal place: Canh Duong.

Lang Co gathers various tourism resources such as: coast, sand-bank, lake, lagoon, spring, mountain, Hai Van pass, Bach Ma old-grow forest and historical relic… will create the diversify tourism products. Lang Co is blessed the beautiful scenery between the mighty mountain and beach, it is recognized as the beautiful bay in the world. On June 6th 2009, Thua Thien Hue province received the title “Lang Co – beautiful bay of the world”.

With an area of 14.000m2, this place has a combination between the pristine mountain and immense space. Lang Co beach resort was built base on oriental architecture with garden house style, pagoda and temple. The resort is opposing to beach and is the heaven paradise place. The impression about Lang Co is not only poetic view but also specialties of lagoon area such as: shrimp, cuttle-fish, crab. Arca in Lang Co becomes the famous dish, tourists come to Lang Co cannot help trying this delicious dish.

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