Top things to do in Hoi An

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Hoi An is one of the most distinctive and enchanting town with polished history in Vietnam. In the past, this place was used to be the principal port of the Cham Kingdom. Come to Hoi An, visitors will sense a matchless experience of its unique culture and historic legacy.


So if you just have a short time to visit Hoi An, what should you choose to do and explore this old town? Followings is some suggestion that are should not-be-missed for every travelers get into Hoi An for the first time.

Enjoy a bike/motorbike adventure

In order to sense Hoi An to its fullest, you should reach your destination early in the afternoon and then take a leisure walk along the streets in the sunset. Furthermore, if you are kind of adventurous travelers, just take a bicycle/motorbike tour that is always available here.


These kinds of tours can be considered as the best way to discover this ancient town in your own pace, giving you a perfect opportunity to see various aspects of life around the town. Go across rice fields, lotus ponds, peaceful villages as well as old temples.


You can also take the chance to talk with the locals, shoot some amazing photos of the picturesque landscapes and even taste some local cuisines.

Make a shopping excursion to Hoi An’s markets

Don’t miss the chance of experience the madness in the local markets here. Make the way to the Central Market located on the banks of the Thu Bon River and you will be able to see the sights the bustling Hoi An’s trade with tons of traditional products.


Find your own multi-colored collection of local craft and souvenirs. Select your favorite silk and then have clothing hand-made by some famous tailor in Hoi An. At the same time, you should not miss the gorgeous fragrance from the local foods. You will have an enormous assortment of recipes, together with striking fresh fruits and local dishes sold by friendly inhabitants.

Travel around the ancient temples

Hoi An possesses the ancient history and many sacred landmarks that will not dishearten the enthusiast travelers. Come to visit Chuc Thanh Pagoda that is about 2 kilometers from the centre of the town.


This is oldest Buddhist temple in Hoi An founded in 1454 and displays a range of inspired architecture with numerous religious artifacts. Besides, if you want to discover a piece local history, stopover at Quan Cong temple filled with statues and traditional artworks.


Do not forget My Son Sanctuary – an exceptional temple with architectural work of genius situated just 30km from the old Cham capital.

Loosen up on the beach

Enjoy a peaceful day on Cua Dai Beach which is nominated as a world heritage site. Immerse yourself in crystal waters and gentle waves as well as join exciting activities such as swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.


Get on a boat and cruise to the sea to have a high regard for the charming of the sunrise while sipping a cup of Vietnamese coffee. In that way, you will surely have a memorable day.

Experience street foods

It would be a big mistake for visitors coming here without spending time to walk around and discover the diversified culinary, especially street foods. 


Some must-try specialties are com gacao lau, nem nuong, Quang noodles, hen xuc banh da, etc. Go and sense yourself these magnificent scents.

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